Unlock your brand’s potential

With Cookies, we offer the possibility of a white-label solution.
You can place your brand at the forefront and leverage the power of our esports and gaming platform to create a customized user experience.
Whether it's boosting brand loyalty, expanding your reach, or offering unique services, our white-label solution empowers your brand to thrive in the gaming world.

Brand Loyalty: users connect through gaming experience.
Exclusive ownership: platform becomes a unique asset.
Scalability: can be scaled to accommodate brand’s growing user base and evolving needs.
Enhanced user trust: fostering a strong sense of reliability.


Tailored to your vision

Creating our platform, we tried to understand the importance of customization. Our platform is designed to be a blank canvas for creativity.
Client can customize the platform to reflect brand's identity, from color schemes to logo integration.
Furthermore, is possible to have curate content that resonates with your audience that fosters lasting connections.

- Every aspect of the platform will be customizable.
- Logos, general graphics and even peculiar challenges can be optimized to integrate client’s storytelling.
- Web series and podcast can be declined to match client’s needs.
- Multi-device visualization (mobile, desktop, tablet).